Thursday, 4 June 2009


Since Sammy was about one, he has had icky poop and been very low on the weight and BMI curves. Sorry if that's TMI, but there you go. Life with kids is TMI usually. Anyway, he's been tested in the UK for all sorts of digestive disorders and came up fine. But when he hit 3, they wanted to retest. He was seen by doctors at the University of Maryland Children's Hospital to be tested yet again for God knows what. So far, those tests are negative (which is good) but leaves us in the position of trying to potty train a kid who might not have much bowel control (yep, more TMI). Anyway, despite testing negative for Celiac, we are attempting a gluten-free diet to see if he's just intolerant. Whooo! Let me tell you, this stuff costs a bomb! We might as well just sign all Glenn's pay to Whole Paycheck.

So far, there's no change. But we gotta tough it out another week or so. Just call us POOR!

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